Woohoo! Prop 67 Passed

By RJ Winberg

Environmentalists took home a win last week on election night 2016! With the passage of Proposition 67 Californians voted to uphold the statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.

Single-use plastic is cheap, plentiful, and durable. This is why it has become so pervasive in the modern world and accounts for so much waste and pollution. Californians alone throw away 123,000 tons of plastic bags every year. All this waste ends up in landfills, in the streets, on the coast, and in the ocean... Well, at least it did until last week.

We have seen localities throughout the state ban plastic bags already, but with the entire state now onboard we will be putting a big dent in the amount of plastic pollution that ends up on our shores and in our oceans. The reduction in plastic pollution will also improve the health of our wildlife and the overall food chain as well (link to poisoning ourselves articles)! We truly are excited to see the impact that this new law will have over the coming years.

Proposition 65

There was another measure on the ballot as well which sought to redirect funds collected for the sale of plastic bags from the grocers themselves to environmental projects. Ultimately Prop 65 was defeated, and while we would have liked to see this money go toward helping the environment, we're still happy to know that there will be less single-use plastic floating around out there in our oceans.