Recent Mysterious Deaths of SoCal Grey Whales

By Graden Quist


The tragic loss of two beautiful, grown grey whales on April 23rd, 2016 has left us with wondering how such an event could happen...

There is still no known cause of death for this whale or its counterpart. Both found deceased at the same time with the other 40 ft. whale a few miles up the coast from this site at Lower Trestles surf spot, a part of the San Onofre CA State Park.

My speculation of the cause may be military related due to the proximity to Camp Pendelton Marine Base, but there is no evidence of anything related as of now and without further research from experts.

I have a close friend that witnessed seeing two grey whales approximately the same size as the two that were recently beached on jet skis with his father just days before off the coast of south Pendleton/Oceanside.

Photo By Graden Quist

Photo By Graden Quist