Inaugural Newport Harbor Underwater Cleanup

By Jacque Winberg

Over 200 volunteers from Southern California participated in the first ever Newport Harbor Underwater Cleanup on June 3, 2017. Divers scavenged the Lower Newport Bay for unnatural garbage laying quiescently on the ocean floor. The items found include: glass bottles, a pistol and holster, plastic Christmas tree, ladders, stools, and obscure objects that the oceanic climate morphed. Environmental exhibitors such as Coastal Angels, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and the Newport Irvine Rotary Club were stationed at booths at the Balboa Bay Club to meet and greet with the public and discuss our common cause of protecting the marine ecosystem in Orange County. 

Two men we consider Coastal Angels picked up the trash piles that the divers left for them on the docks. Sean McCarthy and Stephen Harris help maintain, clean, and manage the Newport Harbor on a daily basis. They brought a boat to haul all the trash over to be examined by the event guests and volunteers. We want to thank people like them who have an arduous and labor intensive job that betters our community as a whole. We also want to thank the organizers of this event for including our small non-profit in their list of exhibitors. We are thankful and proud of the army of divers and volunteers who made this a successful and important event. 

All of our efforts highlight the importance of responsible waste management and reducing pollution. By having events like this year-round, we can truly spotlight each other and gain momentum in the fight against coastal pollution. Our youth will have a better future because so many of us are fighting right now for the environment. 

For more information about this event or to be involved in the next one, please visit their Facebook Page:

Coastal Angels is made up of a network of volunteers who protect marine life and the environment from plastics and other pollutants. Coastal Angels hosts monthly beach cleanups in Orange County, CA and raises awareness about marine debris, pollution, and harm to marine life. Please consider joining a Coastal Angels beach cleanup or making a donation to support our efforts. More information can be found on our website: