The Great Kern River Cleanup

On Saturday, September 15, 2018, Coastal Angels did something a little different. We took a road trip up to the Kern River in Bakersfield, CA to help out with the Great Kern River Cleanup. It was an opportunity that appeared on our Instagram Feed. They needed a last minute videographer to film their special day because theirs cancelled. We jumped on the opportunity because we have plenty of experience and knowledge about covering cleanups.

We filmed and photographed 130 volunteers that day and they picked up almost 1,000 lbs of trash alongside the river. There were tires, medical rolling walkers, diapers, and all kinds of food and beverage containers. An entire fence was dragged out of the river too. BJ’s Restaurant provided food for all of the hard working volunteers too!

We’d like to take our volunteers up there next year so please let us know if you’re interested in joining us!

Here is the video we made for Kern River Conservancy on International Coastal Cleanup Day. Hope you can join us next year because Kern River needs us too. More information about the Kern River Conservancy can be found at: